Friday, 26 April 2019

City of Shadow and Smoke

Here's a (very) short story I wrote in response to a title created by one of those simple 'creation tools.' Actually, this one wasn't a tool as such, just a list of suggestions. Anyway, it's on this forum post. And here's the story:

City of Shadow and Smoke

Sunset was what they had been waiting for, the moment of safety. Throughout the day, they’d been hiding in little pockets in the earth, clawing their way down as far as possible. They’d been hiding under rocks and inside trees like common criminals. Anything to get away from the devastating scorching sunlight; artificial, yet just as damaging as the real thing.

But now their time had come.

Careful to stay under the horizon, they quietly formed in large groups. Not a word was spoken. There was no need. Every one of them knew their role and would strive to fulfill their duty, to the very end.

Violetta, their leader for now, looked down at the city with shuttered eyes. For too long the humans had hunted her and her kind. Since her untimely discovery on their 'ship' centuries ago, they’d seen her as a threat and total eradication of her kind was their cure. She’d tolerated the occasional loss but the final straw had come when she’d discovered her mate, chained to a post and left to burn slowly in the rising sun.

She had suppressed her fury at the time but they all knew that they would never have peace while humankind was nearby. She was well aware of their overwhelming numbers and superior technology, and those 'special' ones that had mysterious powers exceeding even hers. But she had one very important factor on her side, something that the humans understood all too well; you cannot kill what’s already dead.

When she was ready, her gaze shifted to the city gates and her scarlet eyes, dark and brooding, flashed briefly. Within seconds, a strange menacing darkness began to spread through the city. Barely perceptible at first, it soon smothered the artificial lights, leaving the streets in total darkness. It seeped into the homes of the humans with a chill that touched their very souls. She could feel the bewilderment coming from those she despised, she could hear their thoughts and she could sense their fear. Why weren't their computers helping them? What of the heroes? Where were they?

She glanced behind her. Hundreds of large catapults had been pulled all the way by huge tame animals of various kinds, avoiding detection by smothering themselves with the same stygian darkness that now enveloped the city way below. At her unspoken signal, the cauldrons on the catapults were lit, each one burning with an eerie blue flame.

She looked back down into the basin as she raised her arm. The city was already in shadow, now it was time for the smoke.

Friday, 30 November 2018

Radio Show during the Paragon Chat Vigil

Paragon Radio will be live tonight (10pom EST to midnight) covering the Vigil. For those who can't listen in live, due to work or timezones, etc. they have provided a link where you can catch up later.

City of Heroes - Shutdown Vigil on Paragon Chat - November 30th, 2018 - All Day

It's that time of the year again. The time when people all around the world remember having the rug pulled out from under them when NCSoft shut down the City of Heroes servers for the last time.

A vigil will be held again this year on the steps of the Paragon City Hall in Atlas Park, on Paragon Chat. You can read all about it on the Titan Network forum, and also find out how to get onto Paragon Chat if you'd like to join us.

City of Heroes - 2018 shutdown vigil underway

The 6th anniversay of the shutdown of our favourite game is upon us and people are starting to gather on the steps of Paragon City Hall.

If you fancy joining in, details on Paragon Chat and how to connect, etc. can be found on the Titan Network Forum.

A few hours later...

We had a pretty good turnout! Well over  a hundred people standing together on the steps... It doesn't look like that many in the screenshot but the old client couldn't display them all!

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Super Hero MMO News #6 | Ship of Heroes FPS Priority, Valiance Online Roadmap, CoH Memorial

Here's a really interesting youtube video, from Nova, talking about the state of the up-coming superhero MMO's and this years torchlight vigil in Paragon Chat on 30th November for our old favourite City of Heroes...

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Tale of an Unlikely Super Hero

Birth of a Hero is part 1 of an ongoing series of stories, available on as a Choicescript game/story.

Alice, a teenage girl born aboard the Federation Hero Ship Justice is involved in an accident while on a school field trip in the engineering section of the ship. Massive exposure to some rare and highly reactive material nearly kills her, but she survives and becomes the latest superhero, helping to protect the ship and mankind against all comers.

At present there's no part 2 because Alice actually doesn't yet have a superhero alter ego. Once Ship of Heroes is released, I'll write the next part following her rise to superhero stardom.

See for news about Ship of Heroes.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Golden Avenger Showing off Toons in Paragon Chat

Paragon Chat allows a user to log in multiple times on the same account so, depending on your PC's abilities wrt memory and CPU speed, it's possible to have many toons logged in simultaneously.

The image below shows nine of Golden Avenger's toons logged in, nicely arranged to show off their impressive costumes. There was another off camera, all on the same account and on the same PC.

To find out how to do this, take a look at for more details.