Sunday, 21 May 2017

Ship of Heroes Q&A, May 2017

The CEO and Lead Game Developer for Ship of Heroes answers questions from 'The Positive Gamer' about the new and upcoming super hero MMO!

Part 1

Part 2

Here's a couple of interesting little tidbits we learned from the videos: The already impresssive character creator is due to be upgraded soon with a couple of 'major changes' that a few lucky people will get to play with, maybe starting in August/September and they're looking to get escorted alpha runs starting about the end of the year (talked about at about 17.30 minutes in on part 1 video). It's very early days yet so those dates may well change.
NPC's are a little thin on the ground in these videos, the game engine has been upgraded and things are still being updated to suit the new requirements.

We have confirmation  that all characters will be able to fly from level 1 and that players can fly through gaps in buildings, etc. and land on ledges and such things. In the second video, we see the hero flying around in the city under the artificial sky and sun. We learned that the ship itself is 24 miles long and, at it's thinnest point, the hull is 24 feet thick.

The development team is growing and will continue to grow as we head towards release. The game itself will be subscription based, like the original CoH was in its better days.

To me, this is all looking quite exciting, the developers have achieved a lot in the short development time they've had so far, and I'm really looking forward to seeing this game go live. If you feel the same way, the development studio is now accepting donations.

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