Saturday, 8 April 2017

Couple of Screenshots from Conan Exiles

I've been playing Conan Exiles, both on a local server just to get a feel for the game and on a private PvE server; people who know me know that I have zero patience for PvP ;)

Conan Exiles is a survival game developed by Funcom in which, on a PvE server, everything that isn't another player wants you dead. Everything from the environment to spiders and dragons, and the ever present hunger and thirst.

It's been fun. It's not perfect, there are lots of strange things going on and odd little (and not so little) bugs but the game is in early access on Steam so that's to be expected. The developers are getting on top of the bugs and updates are coming regularly.

For me, the fun is in building and... well, you can do some crazy things with the building tools in the game. I took a screenshot of someone elses tower... and yes, tower is the only word you can use to describe this thing, I think the person building it will need oxygen soon...

Back to more mundane things, the scenery in this game is amazing. At present it only has one 'biome', a desert, and it's not a place in which you'd want to get lost! There is water, if you know where to find it and plenty of food, as long as you like meat. Other biomes are coming, maybe later in early release or maybe we'll have to wait till after the 'proper' release of the game. Time will tell.

As I wander around trying to stay alive, I'll grab some more screenshots to post in later articles. People have built some amazing structures and they've been working on their defences for 'The Purge.' What's that I hear you ask?
Oh, you didn't? Well, I'll tell you anyway. The Purge is the name of an event (I believe it can be disabled on private servers) which is due to be introduced at some stage in which hordes of npc's will roam the area attacking any players and their structures that they come across. They will, basically, cleanse the area of unprotected/unused structures and generally give the players a hard time. It's not yet known how strong the npc's will be, that's something we'll just have to wait and see!

More later...

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