Thursday, 18 August 2016

RIP Razer Naga

A sad day for my Razer Naga. The mouse is fine, the problem is the crappy software Razer now forces its users to install. It stores mouse config data on 'the cloud', that seems fine but they don't seem to have taken any account of what happens when you can't connect to their cloud for any reason.

Today, my mouse is running in its default (i.e. useless and generally crappy) mode because Razer's servers are unavailable for some reason. Their Synapse software crashes when it can't connect and without Synapse running it's impossible to change any of the settings. It also disables the Windows standard mouse controls so I'm stuck with a pointer that skates across the screen at supersonic speed and a default button layout.

This is totally unacceptable so I have, today, ordered a Logitech mouse (to go with my Logitech keyboard and keypad) to replace this flawed Razer product. RIP Naga, it was good while it lasted...


  1. LOL i was thinking of getting the naga epic chroma

  2. It turned out to be a software problem. Once I reinstalled the drivers it all started working again.

    I've still had enough of the ridiculous nature of the cloud storage though. Why does a mouse need to have its settings stored on 'the cloud' unless they're using the colected data for something else...