I'm currently working on a Choicescript game called 'Vigilante.'

The player takes control of a character, gender and appearance decided by the player, who decides to become a vigilante in a city rocked by crime. The reason for becoming a vigilante in the first place is also decided by the player at the start of the game by selecting the character's history, or the game engine can decide if the player wants to be surprised!

Here's the opening statement from the game so far (no spoilers):
It's the middle of summer 2046 and things are looking bleak. As the excesses of the political classes over many decades took their toll on starving populations, people took to the streets in protest and in search of food.
With nobody working the tax intake dried up and the rich, unwilling to use their own resources to protect the common people, soon found that there was nothing left in the coffers to pay the armies and police forces. The rank and file members abandoned their posts and joined the protesters.
Law and order, as it had been known, became a thing of the past. The only law enforced now was the law of the gun and the most proficient with their weapons became known as The Vigilantes.
You will take the role of one of the vigilantes, administering justice as you see fit and reaping the consequences of your actions, or inactions.

So far, I'm still working on the infrastructure of the game, the inventory system, basic character setup and the like so there's nothing to release as yet. My plan is to release it as a work in progress once I have a couple of chapters written to see how it's received. I'll keep this page updated with progress.

If you have any comments in the meantime, you can find me lurking around on the Choice of Games Forum, my username there is, unsurprisingly, lunawisp (!)

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