Tale of an Unlikely Super Hero

The Tale of an Unlikely Super Hero is a series of stories, available as free ebooks, which you can download or read online. The story follows the exploits of a teenage girl called Alice. So far, we only have part 1 because Alice doesn't yet exist - she's waiting (im)patiently for the game (Ship of Heroes) to be released. See http://www.heroesin.space for news about Ship of Heroes.

Part 1: Birth of a Hero

This is the tale of Alice, a teenage girl born aboard the Federation Hero Ship Justice. She is involved in an accident while on a school field trip in the engineering section of the ship. Massive exposure to some rare and highly reactive materials nearly kills her, but she somehow survives.

The genetic changes caused by the contamination Alice received results in her gaining strange powers that leaves her feeling both elated and scared. She eventually becomes the latest superhero, helping to protect the ship and mankind against all comers.

The game/story runs in your browser and is available at dashingdon.com

The pattern vector used for Alice's image was created by Brgfx - Freepik.com

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