About LunaWisp

LunaWisp was my Peacebringer on a superhero game called City of Heroes. CoH was created by Cryptic Studios and published by NCSoft. Sadly, it was killed off when the company decided to concentrate on more modern games.

The Peacebringer, a being of light, was formed from the fusion of an alien energy being called a Kheldian and a willing host. At higher levels it gained the ability to shapeshift into what was basically a flying turret (Bright Nova) or a tank (White Dwarf).

All Peacebringers had the innate ability to fly, even in human form. As can be seen in this picture, when any Kheldian ability was being used (e.g. flight), the eyes glowed white and a faint white nova surrounded the character.

The 'flying turret' or Bright Nova form. Basically a hard hitting ranged DPS character. Annoyed the heck out of non Kheldians in the team because of the whooshing and shooting noises the developers decided to give the Kheldian's attacks.
They were still generally welcome in teams though, they brought a lot of additional firepower and gained themselves from being teamed with non Kheldians.

The 'tank' or White Dwarf form gave the Kheldian a lot more survivibility than the nova or human forms but it never really made it in the game as a good main tank. Human tanks were always preferred, the White Dwarf just didn't have the survivability.
And here's a totally unrelated image I sometimes use to avoid upsetting rights holders who might be hanging onto the Kheldian images!
 And a couple of more modern images of lunawisp re-created in Paragon Chat to finish off. I do miss that character.

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