Friday, 28 April 2017

ESO Housing, Grand Topal Hideaway

Nice Scenery!

I took a few screenshots of my wander around the latest purchasable 'house' in Elder Scrolls Online.

On arrival, the area looks huge.

Vast beaches left and right with wooden housing built onto the edge of an active volcano. I'm standing on a very gradually sloping beach looking inland in the screenshot above. Appearances can be deceiving though. Only the front section of the island is actually accessible - you're not getting the entire island for your money. You can swim around it but sheer rock faces and invisible walls prevent you getting to places you're not supposed to be.

The scenery is very nice though. Waterfalls, lots of places to jump from into water and those beaches! Anyone who wants multiple beach parties, or even one very big one, will find more than enough room!

The housing is strange. It's like Robinson Crusoe meets Tarzan with rope bridges strung up between wooden tree houses and platforms. It all works quite well and they provided short cuts for people in a hurry - it's possible to jump off the bridges onto platforms and rocks.

So, is it worth the asking price?

This one can't be bought with ingame gold. It's a (very) limited duration crown store only item costing 15000 crowns unfurnished and 18500 crowns furnished. For that you get a usable area which is somewhat larger than the Hundings Pallatial Hall which costs 6500/8100 crowns unfurnished/furnished. Whereas the hall is nice and compact and has a building with a couple of floors plus a small beach, the island area is spread out over a much larger area. The dwellings and other areas are scattered about and are, frankly, a pain to get to because they're only accessible via rope bridges.
On the other hand, it does look very nice in a secluded island sort of way and you get some lovely looking flat beaches whereas the hall's beach is tiny and on a slope. The housing area is cut off from the rest of the island by flowing lava. It is possible to swim past the lava but invisible walls and sheer cliffs prevent access to the rest of the island.

Personally I was a little disappointed with it. For that price I was expecting to be able to access the entire island rather than just a little area at the front where the beach and housing is located. Whether it's worth the money is a personal choice, obviously. I  bought the Hundings Pallatial Hall so I really don't need this island as well... especially considering the lack of utility housing offers at present. That will probably change though as the developers work on increasing the usefulness of housing (hopefully!).

For me it's too expensive for what you get; quite a lot of empty space (albeit beautiful) and a few little wooden buildings. Others might disagree, of course ;)

Note: If the images look a little vivid, it's because I accidentally ran unsharp mask and colour enhancement filters on them. They still serve to show the area quite well though so I decided to keep them.

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