Tuesday, 7 June 2016

I'm stuck...

I've come to a virtual standstill when it comes to games. Of all the MMO's I've played since Everquest, the only one I'm currently logging into a few times a week is The Elder Scrolls Online and sometimes I struggle to even do that.

It seems to me that developers have lost their way in the last few years. Most games, especially FPS games, are now massive challenge fests where everything has to be an ordeal. They seem to be trying to fit the survival game mechanic into everything. It's almost as if fun for the sake of it is no longer deemed worthy.

Take the latest 'twitch mechanic' games where you need super fast reactions to be competitive. I used to be pretty good at those, now not so much and they've ceased to be fun. Those games, however, do sell, so maybe it's just me. Perhaps, as a slightly older than average gamer, I no longer fit into the demographic that developers are aiming their games at.

Being outside of the 'target age' for modern games is a shame, for me and for the developers. For me because I don't get to have much fun, even if I do bother to try them out (being cannon fodder gets very old very fast). For the developers because us older gamers are the ones without offpsring to maintain and mortgages to pay and, thus, the ones with the greatest potential disposable income!

I don't know what the answer is. The people making games are going to target the group that they hope will bring them the greatest number of players and I can't blame them for doing that.

Maybe it's time to take a rest from gaming and take a new look at the 'scene' later.

For now, all I can say is, roll on Chronicles of Elyria!

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