Sunday, 17 April 2016

Black Desert Online - sigh...

I quite enjoyed playing Black Desert Online. Once, that is, I got over the realisation that it's basically a game wrapped around a hugely complicated random number generator. RNG affects *everything*.

It was fun, at least when I actually managed to stay connected long enough to do something. The developers had some great ideas, even allowing your account to stay logged in while you're away from the keyboard doing useful things like automatic fishing, or AFK fishing as it's become known.

It looks nice as well with a good variety of monsters and npc's. Early on in the game, it does suffer from the same old PvE thing of sending you out to do mundane tasks but once you reach level 50 (EU and NA), the game opens up to full pvp, there's no choice here - if you reach that level, you're automatically flagged.

My problem though, and I'm not alone here, is that the game is so unreliable. I just can't stay connected long enough to achieve anything worthwhile. I've tried everything I can think of to attempt to stabilise the connection but, so far at least, it's been a hopeless case. In fact, I've stopped playing it altogether, being disconnected randomly is just too frustrating...not to mention fatal in PvP.